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We are looking for a plumbing apprentice and/or journeyman, we offer on the job training and hours towards becoming a licensed plumber. Plumbing experience is preferred but not required.
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Plumber in East Bethel, MN

Your pipes and plumbing systems are the unsung heroes of your home or business. Life is great when everything flows smoothly, but one leak or clogged drain can lead to a seemingly endless headache as you face rising utility costs and the potential for lasting damage. 

Rock Solid Plumbing provides expert service to ensure that all your plumbing systems are in peak condition, from the water heater tucked away in the basement to the kitchen sink you use every day. The team of plumbers at our locally owned company is ready to serve. How can we help? 

Reliable Plumbing Services

General Plumbing & Repair | Water Treatment | New Fixture Installation
Appliance Installation | Water Heater & Softener | New Construction


Say Goodbye To Your Plumbing Problems

However your plumbing needs may vary, Rock Solid Plumbing is well equipped to address your situation efficiently and effectively. We work diligently every day on the job site to alleviate your stress, not contribute to it. Whether your project is as simple as installing a new sink or you need your water heater replaced, we are a dependable solution for your plumbing needs.

In fact, we take a personal stake in your satisfaction. You will always work directly with our owner, so you know that your systems are in the hands of someone who has a passion for top-notch service. As a veteran himself, he takes to heart living a life in service of others. 

Offering Water Treatments

How safe is your home's water? Rock Solid Plumbing offers several water treatments that can reduce the amount of dangerous chemicals and germs in your tap water. Choose from various water treatments, such as reverse osmosis, water softeners, iron filters, and whole-house filters. Our team can walk you through the options and help you choose the right one. We customize the treatment based on your area and your needs.

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Rock Solid Plumbing serves clients throughout the greater Minneapolis area.

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